Immortyl Revolution

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Immortyl Lexicon


Adept of the ancient arts:  A temple artist of the Immortyl cult of the goddess Kali, either male or female.  They are subjected to severe torture called the adept’s ordeal in order to prove their worthiness to serve the goddess.  Extraordinarily beautiful, they must be without blemish, graceful, sing and dance well.  They are also highly skilled practitioners of sexual pleasure and as such perform an elaborate ritual symbolic of Immortyl creation.  At one time among the most revered of Immortyls, in recent times their status has been degraded to that of courtesan.


Alpha:  Vassal to an Immortyl elder, always male.


Amazon:  A renegade female Immortyl who lives apart and without male jurisdiction.


Elder:  Head of one of the thirteen Immortyl houses, always male.


Forbidden science:  The scientific pursuit of a biological origin of immortality, forbidden by the Grand Council in 1908.  To suggest Immortyls aren’t divinely created is heresy punishable by death. 


Flavor:  A slang term denoting the psychosexual release a vampire enjoys from a certain class of victim.


Grand Council:  Often called the GC, the governing body of Immortyls, presided over by the chief elder and made up of the elders of the houses, ordained by precepts laid out in a code established circa 100 BC, written by Liu the Chinese elder by mutual agreement.  The code was devised to prevent constant bloodshed between houses and sets out in precise language the role of every member of Immortyl society and their duties, property rights, guidelines for business practices and religious observance.  The code was amended in the 20th century to prevent the pursuit of a biological origin of Immortality.  They convene once a century unless there is a great matter to decide.  The elders all have one vote, there must always an odd number of houses according to the

code to prevent ties.


House:  A clan of vampires related by the blood of the elder.  Bloodline is another term for house.


Immortyl: Their own term for vampire.  The term vampire is considered a vulgarity.


Kalidasa:  Chief elder and accepted fountainhead of Immortyl blood hailing from the Indian subcontinent.  He resides in a compound some distance from Calcutta.  His age is unknown.


Kali Maa:  Fearsome form of the Indian mother goddess, consort of Shiva, worshipped by Immortyls, primarily in India, but widely given ceremonial lip service.  Chief elder Kalidasa claims she gave him both the gift of immortality and his name, which literally means, servant of Kali.  The Immortyl cult of Kali is unique and bears little relationship to mortal forms of worship.  Its chief celebrants are the legendary adepts of the ancient arts.


Sewer rats:  Cast-off or runaway slaves of the pleasure class, generally residing in groups of 10-20, called packs, in the most squalid of conditions, historically in sewers and crypts.  They have their own customs and hierarchy distinct from that of the houses.  Females among their packs generally have low status.  Many are children in form.  They greatly outnumber their former masters.


Sharing essence:  The practice of two or more Immortyls drinking one another’s blood as a form of intimacy.  If this process is prolonged it can result in a psychological bonding of the recipients.  It is not yet known how this occurs, the sharing evokes an empathetic response in the partners and in rare instances brings on hallucinations, which some refer to as visions in the blood.  Some Immortyls take an illicit pleasure in forcing others to give their essence without reciprocation, an act akin to rape.  In it’s most extreme form it is referred to as “Bleeding” and is used a manner of torture by ordeal.


Slave:  These fall into two categories, one being soldiers called dogs, generally large, burly males, the other being sexual companions who also may function as domestic servants, these latter are both male and female, youthful in form and attractive.  The females are generally referred to as concubines. A slave can never raise his or her status according to the code.


Taking the blood:  The act of becoming Immortyl, accomplished when a mortal shares essence for the first time with the progenitor.  Blood must be completely cycled between the two in order for this to be accomplished.


Territory:  The holdings of an elder, generally parceled out among his alphas, who hold jurisdiction and pay him tribute.  


Character Profiles 

House of Brovik


Mia Disantini: Immortyl slave. Born in Brooklyn in 1930. Former actress made a vampire in 1950 by Ethan Sinclair and trained as his “Bird of Prey.” Gains her freedom when he casts her out in 1986.


Kurt Eisen: Immortyl slave. Born in Munich, Germany 1928. Was a celebrated child prodigy pianist. Spent three years as a prisoner in Dachau, rescued and transformed by Brovik in 1944. Although officially Brovik’s property, he became steward over Brovik’s holdings, wielding far more power than any Immortyl slave before him.


Ethan Sinclair: Immortyl alpha. Born 1833 near Richmond, Virginia. He is the son of a wealthy tobacco planter, confederate officer, and later spy. Brovik makes him into a vampire in 1863.


Brovik: Immortyl elder. Born Norway, circa 900AD, called the Northman, a Viking made into a vampire by a woman named Sanjavani after he kills her master. Elder of his house and very powerful, he defies the dictums of the chief elder and Grand Council to secretly pursue the “forbidden science.”


Philip: Immortyl alpha. Born London 1602, former actor, made into a vampire by Brovik in 1629 and trained as his assassin. Despite his profession, he cultivates a humorous exterior and becomes Mia’s friend and confidante.


Leisha Brookings: Immortyl slave. Born in Philadelphia, 1960. Harvard-educated corporate attorney, made a vampire by Ethan Sinclair in 1986. Employed for several years by Brovik, she learns many of his secrets.


Chase Powers: Immortyl alpha. Born in Los Angeles, 1968. An attorney who is employed by Mia and Kurt, he becomes caught in the crossfire of the war with Gaius and becomes Mia’s vampiric offspring.


House of Gaius

Gaius Lupus: Immortyl Born Rome circa 50 BC, called the Wolf, former general to the emperor Tiberius. Made a vampire by chief elder Kalidasa in order to gain an Immortyl foothold in Rome. A powerful elder, like Brovik, he defies the GC to pursue the forbidden science.

Dirk: Immortyl Born Stuttgart, Germany 1923, former SS thug and alpha in training


Diego: Immortyl. Born Barcelona, Spain 1577, former member of the Inquisition and alpha.


Lisette: Immortyl slave. Born Paris 1777, former streetwalker, favorite concubine to Gaius.


Giullietta: Immortyl slave. Born Venice 1563, former courtesan and poisoner, concubine to Gaius. A master of intrigue, she later becomes the chief elder’s consort and makes things miserable at court for the adepts of the ancient arts.


Arturo: Immortyl slave. Born Naples, Italy 1929, found on the streets and enslaved by Diego.


Genpath Laboratories


Joe Ansari: Mortal Born Tehran, Iran 1962. Neuroscientis, inventor of the “enigma”, a type of PET scan. Assigned to profile Mia and Kurt.

Lydia Loy: Mortal Born San Francisco, 1967. Geneticist and administrator of Project Prometheus.


Jean Peterson: Mortal Born Duluth, Minnesota 1970. Joe’s mistress and tech employed by Genpath.


Lee Brooks: CEO 



House of Kalidasa


Kalidasa: Immortyl chief elder. Born near Calcutta, India. No one is certain of his true age. Claims to be gifted immortality by the Goddess Kali. He is the fountainhead of all 13 Immortyl houses.


Rakesh: Immortyl alpha. Born Calcutta, India 1840. He is the youngest alpha and is legal counsel of the chief elder. Cedric's master.


Sandhya: Immortyl slave. Born Calcutta, India, 1852. She is senior adept of the ancient arts in the ashram of the chief elder’s court. Her duties include training new candidates to the order of adepts. Concubine of Rakesh.


Avijit: Immortyl slave. Born Calcutta, India 1852. He is an adept of the ancient arts and head servant of the chief elder’s household.


Marco: Immortyl slave. Born Rome, Italy 1963. Adept of the ancient arts and second servant to the chief elder.


Cedric MacKinnon. Immortyl slave. Born, Scotland 1982. He is the youngest of the adepts of the ancient arts. A former prostitute and sometime musician, he’s discovered on the streets of London by Rakesh and chosen by him to become a candidate for the ashram.


Naveen: Immortyl slave. Born Dehli, India. Taken by Rakesh as a child of eight, he is a servant in the alpha’s household.


Beeshom: Immortyl slave. Born, Calcutta, India, 1856. He is a bodyguard to Rakesh and the bane of Cedric’s existence.



House of Liu


Liu Li Cheng. Immortyl. Born in China, in the former Han dynasty, circa 200 BC. A powerful elder who holds Immortyl trade rights to most of the Far East, he is one of the oldest living Immortyls and as such has great influence over the others.


Xin Yan: Immortyl slave. Born in Shanghai, China 1892. She is an adept of the ancient arts and concubine to Lord Liu.


Wang. Immortyl alpha. Born in Szechwan Province, China 1603. He is second in command to Lord Liu and a highly skilled swordsman.


Sewer Rats


Eamon: Immortyl pack leader. Born in Dublin 1801. Gaius took him and his brother Sean as slaves when Eamon was eight and Sean eight. The elder brought them back to Italy as pets for his two concubines. When Guilietta murdered Sean, Eamon ran off to New York, where he formed a notorious gang of sewer rats.

Sheih: Immortyl pack leader. Born outside of Shanghai, China in 1780. He left his master, Lord Liu when they journeyed to America. He joined Eamon’s pack, but had a falling out and formed his own pack.

Corrinna: Immortyl, former slave. Born in Philadelphia in 1974, she is enslaved by a group of Gaius’ dogs and cast out by them, after being disfigured by burning. One tough lady, she is employed as Mia’s bodyguard and later becomes captain of Kurt’s elite guard. 

Karen: Immortyl, former slave. Born Hartford, Connecticut, 1981. Taken in a human trafficking scam, she’s enslaved by Gaius’ dogs, until Mia liberates her. She becomes Kurt’s devoted assistant and eventually office manager of the Vampire State Building.



Mia and Kurt’s Wards


All four of these Immortyl kids were taken by a foreign alpha, who sold them off to Gaius’ dogs. The kids were all badly abused by mortals, their master and the dogs that held them captive. All of them are prone to bouts of violent behavior, like feral animals. Kurt is moved by their plight and convinces Mia that they should adopt the children to prevent further abuse within the packs.


Caleb: Born in Chicago, 1984. The eldest, fourteen at the time he was taken. He’s the leader of the group and constantly challenges authority.


Hector: Born in Puerto Rico, 1985. Fourteen at the time he was taken. He does anything Caleb tells him to, but he secretly has a soft spot for Felicity.


Felicity: Born in Cincinnati 1986. Thirteen at the time she was taken. The lone girl is the most independent of the quartet and self-appointed protector of Cesar. She and Caleb don’t see eye to eye. She develops an obsession with Cedric.


Cesar: No one is sure of his birth date or birthplace. Around ten at the time he was taken. He is autistic and Mia’s favorite of the bunch.




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